How to Help Someone With Bipolar Depression

May 20, 2024

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Helping a loved one deal with bipolar depression can be difficult, but by learning more about this disorder you can equip yourself to provide the support they need..

This guide is here to help you understand the challenges involved and show you how to help someone with bipolar depression.

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Understanding How Bipolar Depression Affects People

Bipolar depression can affect people in different ways. It is part of a larger disorder known as bipolar disorder, which involves changes in mood from very high (manic episodes) to (depressive episodes).

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Here’s how bipolar depression affects people:

  • Mood changes: During a depressive episode, someone might feel very sad or hopeless. They may lose interest in things they usually like to do. During a manic episode, they might feel very happy or excited, which can also lead to risky behavior.
  • Energy levels: Energy levels can also change a lot. In manic phases, a person may have a lot of energy, not sleep much, and be very active. In depressive phases, by contrast, they might feel tired, sleep a lot, and have trouble getting out of bed.
  • Thinking and concentration: Bipolar depression can make it hard to think clearly. During manic episodes, thoughts can race, making it hard to focus. During depressive episodes, it might be hard for people to make decisions or remember things.
  • Behavior: The behavior of someone with bipolar depression can change depending on their mood. They might withdraw from friends and family during depressive episodes or be very outgoing and talkative during manic episodes.

Understanding these effects can help you see why someone with bipolar depression might act differently at times. This knowledge can make it easier to support them when they are having a tough time.

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5 Ways to Help Someone With Bipolar Depression

If someone in your life is suffering from episodes of bipolar depression, here’s how to help:

  1. Learn about bipolar disorder: Get to know the symptoms and how treatment works. This helps you understand when your loved one is experiencing manic highs or depressive lows. Learn what might trigger these episodes and how they change their mood and actions so you can respond with care and understanding.
  2. Listen with empathy: Just listening can be very supportive. Listen closely without trying to solve their problems when they want to talk. Let them know you understand their feelings by repeating what you hear or saying, “That sounds tough.” This can help them feel not so alone.
  3. Assist with their healthcare: You can help by keeping track of their treatment schedule, like reminding them about doctor’s appointments and when to take medicines. Being with them at appointments, even if you wait outside, shows you care and are there for them.
  4. Develop a safety plan together: Create a plan for when their mood swings are strong. This should include who to call – their doctor or a helpline – when they’re upset or excited. Also, plan simple daily routines they can follow to feel more stable.
  5. Offer steady support: Understand that recovering from bipolar disorder can be a long journey with good and bad days. Be patient and continue to offer your love and support. Encourage healthy habits like eating well and sleeping well. Sometimes, stepping back is necessary – let their doctors or therapists take over if things get too demanding.

Always remember, while helping them, take time to look after yourself, too. Staying healthy enables you to be a better supporter.

Does Insurance Cover Inpatient Treatment for Bipolar Depression?

Insurance coverage for inpatient treatment of bipolar depression can vary widely depending on your insurance plan. Most insurance plans cover mental health services, including inpatient treatment, but the specifics depend on your policy and the level of care needed.

It’s a good idea to check directly with your insurance provider to understand the coverage details for inpatient treatment. You’ll want to find out about any co-pays, deductibles, and whether specific treatments or rehabs are covered under your plan.

For a free insurance check, call us at 844-759-0999. Our team can help you figure out what your insurance will cover and assist you in getting the treatment you need for bipolar depression.

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Get Insurance-Covered Inpatient Treatment for Bipolar at Connections

Getting the right mental health treatment can help anyone who is having trouble with mental issues. At Connections in Southern California, we want to help you feel better and do better in life.

We keep our groups small, with just six people at a time. This way, your loved one gets the special attention they need, and they also get strong support from others who are facing the same kinds of problems.

If your loved one is struggling with depression or other mental health issues, our experts will help them deal with these. Treatments include talking therapies, motivational methods, counseling, medications, and holistic therapies.

Call our friendly team at 844-759-0999 to find out how to help someone with severe bipolar depression get better.

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